Agriculture & Horticulture Projects

  • chestnut and pawpaw orchard maintenance
  • pasture paddocks establishment
  • cemetery maintenance
  • boxwood maintenance
  • herb garden maintenance
  • barn repair
  • greenhouse construction
  • aquaponics

Agriculture projects include the maintenance of the chestnut and pawpaw orchard which is periodic and varied while pasture paddocks will be introduced slowly as trees mature.  The horticultural care of the cemetery and boxwoods is historic in nature and can be the most rewarding of all farm labor. Please inquire if your interested in any the above projects or something of your own!


Take Action


  • "greywater" capture and treatment
  • rocket mass heater construction
  • cobb oven construction
  • composting system (biogas capture system)
  • alternative energy harvest

Creating a homestead is the first step towards a functional preservation program. We look to traditional techniques of energy conservation as the foundation for all our building projects in addressing problems, old and new. We hope to provide insight, experience, and reward to any who wish to contribute time, expertise, or funding.