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Colin Dunphy, a native DC resident, and former organ donation coordinator of 6 years, moved to Wyoming July 3, 2014, taking the positions of head homesteader in the preservation of Wyoming and founder of Wyoming Farm, LLC. Son of the current owner, and English immigrant, Gerard Dunphy, Colin has taken it upon himself to lead the efforts of he and his two brothers, Philip and Brendan. Together, they are planning a secure future for Wyoming and the surrounding 60 acres in order to return to the community the profound impact is has had on them. The Dunphy family was raised with Wyoming as their country home, but Colin is the first full-time resident in an estimated 50 plus years. His background in biology, art, and new-found love of piano is furthered by the constant inspiration provided by Wyoming. Studying permaculture, working in home building, have prepared him well on this quest for a new future for Wyoming. Chief among his assets are his friends.